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interactive fiction

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I detest those faq-sections where the writer of the faq actually takes the point of view of the reader, and provides both answers and questions, without any doubt in order to what was that strange word...oh yes, cool, of course. (All this is cynical, which is not much better either). In my faq I won't steal your point of view.


Do you want to know what interactive fiction is?
If you do, then read this paragraph. If not,
skip this paragraph

Interactive fiction is an opportunity to develop written text which take into consideration the reader's input, offering him the possibility to have an influence in the plot development. In this way it is possible to interact with the characters and environments created by the author.

I could spend a few words more about this, but I prefer to link you to a couple well-known sites of the IF-community:

Stephen Granade has an excellent starting point for both experienced players and newbies.

This is what I usually think of as a "great site" (this expression is the internet version of the eerie english sentence "nice day isn't it ?")

And finally, you will find all the links you need here at Ailanto Interactive Fiction or here.



Would you like to play some IF?

Here we go.

Would you like to write some IF?

Here we go.

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