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            Please Take a Seat  

                and feel at home

                         after all this is your planet.

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This page will display paintings, tales and other funny stuff which is obviously meant to be amusing only to my most intimate friends, and not even to all of them. If you, unknown netsurfer, have never stared at my eyeballs, have never sought for nicknames to call me after during long absburgic winters, then you might want to skip the artistical section entirely. Don't be sad, though, it's all for the better. There are more things in heaven and earth. In due time I will provide you, unknown curious little person, with balconies opening onto the universe, and give you clues about corners of the world which may hold a tree, a garbage bin, a man selling green stones, a smiling woman, a retired student, a blond croatian on the run, an american boy ironing his socks, a prince growing mad, and cold spaces (the police is now carrying me away) 





 comments, encouragements, insults.

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